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Bread Shop

Our Bread Shop is Open! 

We ship directly from our bakery! 

Whole wheat bread packed with 5 grams of fiber in every slice!

You can buy Jim’s Amazing Bread in 2 pack6 pack, and 12 pack loaves. Because it is the only bread made with Whole-Cell Wheat and all-natural ingredients, it has a shelf-life of 21 days with absolutely no preservatives or fillers.

Jim’s Amazing Bread is made with 6 all-natural ingredients, including:

  • Whole-Cell Wheat
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Salt
  • Flax 
  • Honey

It is not only healthy, but it is also delicious. Jim’s Amazing Bread is the wheat you can eat.

Why Whole-Cell Wheat? 

Jim’s daughter suffers from autoimmune conditions, which result in a food intolerance to inflammatory foods. As a result, doctors put her on a gluten-free diet which she hated.

Jim was on a mission to find bread she could eat. He discovered whole-cell wheat courtesy of Our Father’s Foods in Ohio. The wheat is gently crushed to keep the gluten in the wheat intact. By keeping the wheat intact, it renders the gluten inactive. This is important because you get all the benefits that gluten can provide.

Jim’s Amazing Bread started as homemade whole wheat bread made for the love of his daughter. He wants to make sure those suffering from similar health issues as his daughter can enjoy bread again. And they are, it was our customers who gave the bread its name.