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Bread Bucks

Earn Points

Once you’re signed up, every purchase you make on will automatically add points torwards your Bread Bucks account.


- $1 = 10 Points

Want to earn more? Shop special bonus point events and qualify for Gold or Platinum Tiers. More info below.

Get Rewards

Start earning rewards once you reach 200 points and use Bread Bucks to save on your next order.

- 200 Pts = $2.00 Credit
- 400 Pts = $4.00 Credit
- 600 Pts = $6.00 Credit
- 1000 Pts = $11.00 Credit
(points expire in 12 months)


Other Ways to Earn

- SignUp Bonus = 50 Pts

- Purchase on Website = 10 Pts for every $1.00 spent

- Website Review = 100 Pts

- Birthday Bonus = 200 Pts
- Follow on Instagram = 200 Pts
- Share on Facebook = 50 Pts
 -Refer a Friend = 400 Pts

How to Redeem your Bread Bucks

1. Must be logged into your account


2. Click the balance button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

You will see the following:



-Earn Points




The darkened boxes will tell what rewards are available to you. The shaded are not available.

Once you select the reward you want to redeem, it will look like this. It requires you to CONFIRM.


If you selected it by accident, then hit cancel.

When you hit confirm, this is the result it will give you.


You will get an email with the coupon code included. Or, simply copy and paste the coupon code in the coupon box at checkout.