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About Us

I bet you’re thinking: What makes Jim’s bread so amazing?

The answer’s simple: love

My amazing bread is a labor of love, inspired by my daughter.

After she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, I searched high and low, testing out all kinds of ingredients that would make an all-natural and great-tasting bread that was also digestion-friendly.

It wasn’t until I discovered a gently crushed wheat milled in such a way that the gluten cells are not activated that I knew I was on to something AMAZING. Not only did this whole cell wheat make a delicious bread, my daughter had no problems digesting it!

Other folks have remarked how Jim’s Amazing Bread has fit into their gluten-sensitive diets, helped maintain their blood sugar levels and solved their leaky gut issues.*


My amazing bread is made with only six ingredients, and you can easily pronounce each one: whole cell wheat, water, honey, flax, yeast and salt.

The real magic comes from the whole cell wheat. Because it’s gently crushed leaving the wheat cells intact, our wheat doesn’t release the proteins that would otherwise become gluten. Our bread’s not gluten free, but it does reduce the likelihood of gluten-related inflammation.*


Thanks for visiting our website and please spread the word. Our mission is to bring this all-natural bread to everyone who needs it!